Fabio Silvestro

Assunta Cavallari

Rina You

Giuliano Cavaliere

Claudia Di Pietro
Alto/Soprano Sax

Alessandra Amorino

Piccola Accademia degli Specchi (Little Academy of Mirrors) is a chamber ensemble, based and founded in Roma (Italy) in late 2000, specializing in the performance of contemporary classical music. Its original and characteristic instrumentation (piano 4 hands, cello, violin, alto/soprano saxophone, flute/piccolo), similar but different to the common Pierrot ensemble set up, and the outstanding musicianship of its members provide its unique sound and groove.

Current members are Fabio Silvestro (piano), Assunta Cavallari (piano), Rina You (cello), Giuliano Cavaliere (violin), Claudia Di Pietro (alto/soprano sax), Alessandra Amorino (flute/piccolo).

In these last years, Piccola Accademia degli Specchi (PADS) has prominently emerged as one of the most interesting and active contemporary chamber music ensembles in Italy and has attracted the attention of living Italian and international composers, such as Stephen Cohn (USA), Francesco Di Fiore (Italy), Douwe Eisenga (The Netherlands), Ulli Götte (Germany), Matthias Kadar (France/The Netherlands), Pavel Karmanov (Russia), Bruno Letort (France), Marc Mellits (USA), Irma Ravinale (Italy), Demetrius Spaneas (USA), and William Susman (USA). The repertoire of the ensemble, that pays particular attention to the so-called minimalist and post-minimalist experiences, includes contemporary authors like Louis Andriessen, John Cage, Morton Feldman, Philip Glass, Simon Jeffes, Wim Mertens, Michael Nyman, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Giovanni Sollima, and an ever-increasing number of living composer from all over the world.

PADS regularly performs in live events, concert-lessons and radio programs about contemporary music and post-minimalist currents across all Europe, and it is regularly invited to participate in some of the major music festivals in Italy and abroad (among the others, the "Luigi Nono" International Contemporary Music Festival in Trieste, the "Deutsche Minimal Music Festival" in Kassel, "Dolce Vitaj" in Bratislava, "Cantiere Musica" in Bracciano, and "September Concert", "Nuovi Spazi Musicali", and "Suona Francese" in Roma). Music performed by PADS has been featured on Echoes (the syndicated NPR show) and on John Schaefer's "New Sounds" on WNYC in the U.S., as well as on Concertzender in the Netherlands. The ensemble has been constantly receiving positive reviews in the international dedicated press (Klassieke Zaken, American Record Guide, Mania Klassiek) and on the internet.

PADS performed and recorded several original movie soundtracks, mainly for documentaries and independent cinematographic productions, such as Ruggero Lancia's movie "Candidamente" (Italy, 2000), Michele Imperio's documentary "La Resistenza nella Provincia di Roma"/"The Partisan Resistance in the Province of Rome", with the sponsorship of the Province of Rome (Italy, 2006), and Simona Marziani's documentary "Macchia Madre" (Italy, 2008). Compositions by Matteo Sommacal, performed by PADS, were chosen as the soundtrack for "me*: Marine Equipment" (Belgium, 2008), last EMEC's (European Marine Equipment Council) advertisement video.

The ensemble gave several World and Italian premieres of dedicated scores and arrangements. Piccola Accademia degli Specchi recorded compositions by Philip Glass, Wim Mertens and Matteo Sommacal ("Minimamachta", Centaur Record, USA, 2009), and music by Douwe Eisenga ("House of Mirrors", Zefir Records, The Netherlands, 2011).

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