Fabio Silvestro

Fabio Silvestro was born in Potenza (Italy) in 1985. He graduated with the highest honors (cum laude) in Piano at the Conservatorio di Potenza "G. da Venosa" in 2007 under the guidance of Giulio De Luca. In 2011 he earned a M.A. degree in "Discipline Musicali" (Music Disciplines) with the highest honors (cum laude) and he graduated in Chamber Music at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Roma, under the guidance of Rocco Filippini and Carlo Fabiano. He attended the master classes held by Leslie Howard at the Conservatorio di Potenza (2007) and by Konstantin Bogino at the International Music Master Classes in Lucca (Italy) and at the "Estate Musicale" in Portogruaro (Italy). As accompanying pianist, he attended several master classes, held by Ambrogio Maestri (2007), Roberto Coviello (2008), Romualdo Savastano (2011), and Roberto Scandiuzzi (2012).
He got special mentions at the international piano competitions "AMA" (Catanzaro) and "Premio Alberto Napolitano" (Salerno). He ranked 1st at the national competition "Igor Stravinsky" (Bari, 2004) and at the European competition "Gateano Latilla" (Bari, 2007), and he won the 3d prize at the national competition "G. B. Pergolesi" (Napoli, 2007).
He is active as soloist and as member of chamber ensembles, including piano duos and duos with winds, strings or voice, exploring also less common line-up's, like piano trio with soprano and horn or with two clarinets. He is member of the "Ponchielli" trio (piano and two clarinets) and he is founder member of "Duo D'Avalos" (piano and violin). In 2010 he had been performing in the contemporary music ensemble of the master classes at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Roma conducted by Marco Angius. As soloist, in 2009 he perfomed accompanied by the Piccola Orchestra Mediterranea conducted by Pasquale Menchise, and by Roma Sinfonietta conducted by Andrea Morricone.
As accompanying pianist, he worked for the festival "I giovani e l'Opera" ("Young people and opera") (Roma, 2006), and at the Teatro Stabile di Potenza for the premiere of the opera "Il Castello, l'Onore dei Morra" composed by Nicola Samale. In the latter theater, he had also been working as accompanying pianist for the 2007 and 2008 opera seasons.
He collaborates also with many choirs, including the Choir "Casini" of the Università di Tor Vergata in Roma, the "Nuovo Coro Lirico Sinfonico" in Roma conducted by Stefano Cucci, and the polyphonic choir of the Provincia di Potenza conducted by Pasquale Menchise.

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